May. 12th, 2014

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A few weeks ago, the neighbors across the street had a stray cat walk into their garage while a couple of them were outside. It was quite friendly, approaching them and generally acting well-socialized, so they took it in and fed it. It was quite hungry. Very interesting markings, though--tawny gold base coat, with black stripes on its legs and rosetted spots on its body. Son A. went over to see it, followed by spouse, who reported that it was a female, probably less than a year old. Very much the attention piglet. Based on the markings, she looked to be a Bengal cat...a breed sufficiently popular that the lowest price daughter J. could find online for fertile females was $US 650, and the prices ranged up to four times that. So we're thinking she's got a tracking chip, because who's going to get a cat like that without taking measures to find her if she strays? Humane Society checks her. Nope, no chip. And btw, she's intact, and the folks at the HS were pretty sure she's a purebred. So they recommended finding someone with a fertile male Bengal and breeding her once before having her spayed. If the neighbors do this, they'll give us first crack at a kitten. We're considering it, although Bengals are apparently a dangerous combination of intelligence, curiosity, and high energy. We'll see.


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