May. 3rd, 2014

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Yesterday was my nominal day off from work (9 hours/day Monday-Thursday, alternating 8 hours/0 hours on Fridays), but I went in anyway to deal with a few things in the morning. Then collected [ profile] metesten from her inservice day, went to lunch with her, did a bit of shopping, and took care of matters domestic after that. Mainly cleaning the living room, which has been accreting stuff for the past several months what with [ profile] metesten using it for a workspace. I also borrowed a USB optical drive from one of the IT people at work, as the computer rebuild project hit a snag when the built-in optical drive decided not to work as a boot device. It worked just fine.

This morning I installed Win7 on the rebuilt machine (this is what I get for buying an OEM license the last time around) and had time to install the motherboard drivers before we all (me, [ profile] metesten, daughter J., and son A.) left for Karen WINOLJ's place to help her pack. Anticipating much dust, we all loaded up on antihistamines before we left and took changes of clothes. After messing up my back slightly a few days ago I wasn't good for much in the way of lifting, but I filled and taped boxes (and boxes, and boxes) of books for other people to stack up. We put in over four hours there, at the end of which about half the books were boxed or wrapped, along with a bunch of vinyl records (including a big box of 45s, mirabile dictu), some dishes, and a lot of dusty tchotchkes. All of that will get moved to a storage locker by folks other than us, which will free up space for her to work in to pack the rest of the stuff. So, incurred some good karma.

Stopped at a local barbecue place on the way home for pulled pork; now that we've eaten, it's shower time.


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